Heroku + Sinatra + Gmail

A friend asked me recently if I could build him a super simple web app that could email him. I said ‘SUuuuuuurrre’ that’ll be easy I’ll throw it on heroku and it will be awesome! I forgot using gmail is incredibly annoying. Took me way too long to figure out the problem. It’s that same Net::SMTP error that’s been hacked around a ton of times. I copied one such hack and added in Pony:

pony_gmail.rb → http://gist.github.com/179967

Now in a post(probably) add a pony line that’s configured to use smtp:

The only thing left is to add pony to your .gems file and you are ready to email people from Sinatra on Heroku using gmail!!

I created a fun app to annoy one of my coworkers. If you’d like to send my coworker and email (to all his addresses) click the link below!


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